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Clear Quartz - The April Birthstone

Clear Quartz - The April Birthstone

The Clear Quartz is a remarkable gemstone, known to many as the “Universal Crystal” it is a popular and powerful stone. Clear Quartz is able to contain all the colours of the light spectrum within it, making it amplify both positive thoughts and energy. Among the many uses of Clear Quartz is using the gemstones to strengthen and stabilise the body’s energy, facilitating healing and bringing clarity to a troubled mind.
Has the story of the Clear Quartz captured you the way it has us? Then here are some of our favourite Clear Quartz pieces and how we styled them!
Play around with textures and shapes
Same bracelet, different gemstone.
A mixture of clear quartz for a uniformed stack...
Paired with gold tones & accents...
Looking for a Clear Quartz set?
Now it is time to get your hands on this month's birthstone! Share with us how you style your Clear Quartz pieces with the hashtag #ssfwedit.