As with any product, the life span of your SSFW jewellery will depend on the care you give it.

Here are some suggestions to help you keep your jewellery looking new.

  • Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth after each wearing before putting it away. This will help prevent tarnish as it removes the oils from your skin and debris picked up throughout the day.

  • Put your jewelry on only AFTER you have dressed and applied any cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, lotions and other chemicals - these can dull and even harm your jewelry.

  • Remove jewelry before going to bed. Wearing them to sleep will cause unnecessary stress on the piece and make them more likely to break.

  • Remove jewelry before doing household chores, especially when washing dishes. Many household cleaners contains chemicals such as bleach or other harsh components that are harmful to jewelry.

  • Do not wear your jewelry when swimming or in the shower. 

  • With gold filled metals or any gold plated metals humidity is the enemy - so whenever not wearing your jewelry store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • Keep each of your jewelry pieces separated to avoid scratching. We strongly recommend storing it in an air-tight bag or container.

  • Always last on, first off.


Each jewellery piece purchased from SSFW will include an anti-tarnish tab and/or a zip-lock bag for you to store them so you could wear them for as long as possible!

Without proper care for your SSFW jewellery (e.g. not removing these jewels before bed, during shower or swimming) over time, the gold plating will start to wear. This is the normal wear and tear process and is not a result of a manufacturing defect.


  • Do not use jewellery dips or abrasive cleaners on gemstones.

  • Do not use chemical solutions to clean opaque gemstones like onyx, turquoise, and opals as these stones are porous and may absorb the chemicals causing discoloration.

  • Do not immerse your semi-precious gemstone jewellery in water.

  • Do not store semi-precious gemstones in direct sunlight.

  • Wipe them gently with a moist cloth and then dry them with a soft cloth before putting them away.

Pearl Jewellery

  • Freshwater pearls are soft in nature and can be scratched easily. They can also be damaged in extreme dry conditions, however never immerse them completely in water.

  • Clean them occassionally with a moist, soft cloth.

  • Avoid harmful chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, acetone, hairspray, perfume and cosmetics.

  • Do not clean pearls using silver polishing cloth.