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In Trend: Huggie Earrings

In Trend: Huggie Earrings

You’ve probably seen this jewelry trend while scrolling through your Instagram feed: hoop earrings. Yes, they’ve been a thing for, like, ever, but hoops of today are now more evolved! Huggie earrings – tiny hoops – are a versatile jewelry collection must-have, these dainty little hoops are meant to sit close to your earlobe, essentially “hugging” your ear.
These hoops can be worn by itself to give off a classic elegant look. However, they also look great in an ear stack, acting as a vessel for personalization.

How to wear: Huggies

Stacked Versatility
Customize your own mismatched set of huggies. Stack them on for a different look through the week.
Huggie hoops can single handedly elevate any outfit and they appeal to both the classic dresser and the “more is more” aesthetic dressers.
Classic Elegance
The classic minimal look is all you need.
A Spin on the Trend
Something a little different from a classic huggie... Spice up the trend with your own style!

Shop the trend: Huggies

The classic Huggies.
Classic with knotted details.
A quirky pair that will be a conversation starter.
Add dimension to your look with these thick huggies.
We hope these tips are able to up your huggies game! If you are on the lookout for huggies, do drop by our store or click here to shop!