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Opal - The October Birthstone

Opal - The October Birthstone

Opal is the most colourful gemstone in the world, like a rainbow it flashes its brilliance with the slightest movement. The name Opal comes from the Latin word "opalus" which means "precious stone".
It's known for its vitreous, pearly luster and range of colours.

Opal stone is known as "Eye Stone" and is so dedicated to the eye, so pleasing to the sight, it inspires innocence and purity, love and hope, luck and happiness. Opal is an emotional stone, reflecting the mood of the wearer, it is known for its ability to bring one's positive traits and characteristics to the surface.

Opal illuminates and amplifies the positive actions and emotions of the self. Enhancing the good and true and stimulates creativity and originality. It is a karmic stone and wearing Opal can bring loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity.

The perfect birthstone to gift for October babies or simply a special someone! Let your Opal jewellery do the talking with it's unique gleam and shine.

We love a classic Opal gemstone jewellery piece!  

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