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Your Daily Mask Strap - the new essential accessory!

Your Daily Mask Strap - the new essential accessory!

In our new normal, face masks are a necessity to our daily lives. But do you have a face mask strap to hold it in those moments when you need to briefly take if off and don't want to put it down or put it away?

We have to admit, it is rather inconvenient when we have to remove our masks in between meals or whilst driving. Removing our masks also means there is a chance of us misplacing our masks and it's a hassle to find somewhere to "store" our masks while we have a meal out with friends.

Your Daily Mask Strap is the perfect item for those who keep finding themselves fumbling for their mask in their bag or pocket, risking contamination and can be especially useful for kids who might have a tendency to misplace theirs.

Most people would just hang their face mask on their ear, place it on a table or any surface while dining out which could easily contaminate the mask. With a mask strap, it makes taking off and wearing your mask much more convenient since it keeps your mask close at hand.

Wearable daily with 3 sizes available and 15 colours to choose from.
Pick any 3 for just $9.90!
Your Daily Mask Strap is 100% cotton, lightweight & comfortable, unisex, kids-friendly, and washable with your fabric masks. Clip onto your masks and be worry-free of misplacing your masks while in between meals or driving.

Keep your mask close at hand in between coffee breaks.
Size Small in Brown

With 15 colour options available, you can colour co-ordinate Your Daily Mask Strap to your #ootd!
Size Medium in Olive

Your Daily Mask Straps features button closure that is easy to wear and detach when necessary.
Size Small in Mint

Left: Size S in Lavender / Right: Size S in Navy
We hope you enjoy Your Daily Mask Straps! We would also love to see how you style these new mask accessories. Simply tag us @shopssfw on Instagram or with the hashtag #ssfwedit! 

Wear a mask & stay safe.

Love, SSFW