• Clear Quartz - The April Birthstone

    The Clear Quartz is a remarkable gemstone, known to many as the “Universal Crystal” it is a popular and powerful stone. Clear Quartz is able to contain all the colours of the light spectrum within it, making it amplify both positive thoughts and energy. Among the many uses of Clear Quartz is usin... View Post
  • Aquamarine - The March Birthstone

    Introducing the March Birthstone: Aquamarine. The name Aquamarine is derived from the Latin word aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning the sea.   Cliona Necklace A bold statement in this aquamarine piece.    Akiela Bracelet One of our favorite stackable bracelet.   This timeless gemston... View Post
  • In Trend: Huggie Earrings

    You’ve probably seen this jewelry trend while scrolling through your Instagram feed: hoop earrings. Yes, they’ve been a thing for, like, ever, but hoops of today are now more evolved! Huggie earrings – tiny hoops – are a versatile jewelry collection must-have, these dainty little hoops are meant ... View Post


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