All things wild this autumn

As we head towards the end of the year, here’s a list of essential pieces to add to your jewellery box for the upcoming fall season.
Gone spotty! As we transition into fall, animal prints are starting to creep on to the fashion scene.
We’ve got leopard print leather wrap bracelets, for that fuss free stacked bracelet styling. Leopard earrings, mixed up textures, with wooden beads and furry pom poms for that winter feel.   
Who says shades of beige is boring? Camel, tan, latte, sandy! There’s something inherently elegant about neutral beige tones.
For our edit CLIONA a peach moonstone necklace, the semi-precious stone, features the most subtle flecks of shine. TIYE earrings in beige, this season’s favourite! 
As the year winds down, the festive season is right around the corner, it’s time to add a little shine! Glass crystals, clear resins with flecks of shell embedded for a subtle sparkle!   
Because who can resist a little sparkle?