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Zodiac collection #writteninthestars

Zodiac collection #writteninthestars

What’s your star sign? 

Choose from a range of necklaces, beautifully linked bracelets that mimic the starry constellations up above!

Shop from necklaces to beautifully linked bracelets that mimic the starry constellations up above. Wear it individually or paired up with the signs of the important people in your life! #writteninthestars 


Our zodiac necklaces also work great stacked with other pieces.


Read through each zodiac sign’s character traits! #thatssome or #shessuchalibra 


Aries “the Ram” 

Mar 21-Apr 19

Brave /  independent /  quirky


She’s fiery and a self-starter, don’t get in her way! But don’t worry she’s playful & a wonderfully fun companion.


Taurus “the Bull”

Apr 20-May 20

Helpful / loyal / calm

Taurus Constellation necklace in Silver

She doesn’t deny herself the finer things in life. The most practical sign,  she’s got her eye on the prize.


Gemini “the Twins”

May 21-Jun 20

Sociable / energetic / intelligent


Easy to love, she’s quick-witted with boundless energy. Geminis have an endless desire to learn!


Cancer “the Crab”

June 21-July 22

Supportive / caring / loving

Cancer constellation necklace

She wears her heart on the sleeve. Incredibly kind, she enjoys the cosy comfort of close ones.


Leo “the Lion”

July 23-Aug 22

Dramatic / creative / self-confident

Leo Celestial Necklace

She’s generous and ambitious. With theatrical flair, Leos love life!


Virgo “the Maiden”

Aug 23-Sep 22

Humble / organised / logical

Virgo Kyklos Necklace and Bracelet

Detail orientated, she loves getting to the bottom of things.


Libra “the Scales”

Sep 23-Oct 22

Thoughtful / gracious / modest

Libra Cosmos bracelet

Cultured and refined, Libras are thoughtful and modest.


Scorpio “the Scorpion”

Oct 23-Nov 21

Passionate / assertive / dedicated


Scorpios know what they want and won’t let anything get in their way.


Sagittarius “the Archer”

Nov 22-Dec 21

Ambitious / optimistic / independent


The risk-taker, she loves dreaming big. Never try to pin down a Sagittarius, she loves her freedom!


Capricorn “the Sea Goat”

Dec 22-Jan 19

Determined / strategic / responsible

Capricorn Necklace and bracelet

Quietly confident, Capricorns are down-to-earth and practical.


Aquarius “the Water-bearer”

Jan 20-Feb 18

Altruistic / shy / reformative


She’s a trailblazer, driving the community forward with her out-of-the-box ideas. Their strength lies in their


Pisces “the Fish”

Feb 19-Mar 20

Compassionate / creative / intuitive


The dreamiest sign of the zodiac! She’s selfless, putting the needs of others above all else.


So #treatyouself , a lovely family member or friend, our zodiac pieces are a great thoughtful gift!

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