Your Daily Mask Strap - Gingham Edition (Set of 3)

Since the launch of our Multi-Purpose Gemstone Chains & Your Daily Mask Straps we have received overwhelming response and feedback to also develop pattern designs!

As we adjust our lifestyle in the Covid-19 climate, we wanted to provide a solution to mask up in style, and at the same time, create an accessory that is convenient to use and comfortable to wear.

The Daily Mask Strap is your the go-to accessory in this new normal. Suitable for both adults and kids alike.

- Designed and handmade by SSFW

- Cotton Polyester

- One size (66cm in length)

*This product is 100% handmade, therefore a tolerance/variation of up to +/- 2cm may occur.


For more tips and videos on how to wear your daily mask strap, visit our blog here

  • $10.00